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Lifelong is a private agency that has existed since 1993 and experienced an exciting restructuring in 2016! 

Lifelong AES, Inc. became Lifelong, Inc.

The history of Lifelong includes providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health disabilities, people identified on the autism spectrum, and individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Over the years Lifelong has become known as the agency who also provides successful outcomes with people identified as “difficult to serve”, often those with hidden disabilities, and we have been a bridge to help social service agencies and other providers in the clients’ lives understand the needs of the client and better meet those needs throughout the term of service provision.

Lifelong’s staff are highly trained and experienced in this field to provide intentional and individually specialized services to children, adolescents, adults and families.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide specialized, creative, and structured services for each client to support their learning, mental health, and family preservation goals as appropriately aligned with their disabilities while addressing barriers attached to these difficulties. 

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Lifelong, Inc.

7175 West Jefferson Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80235, United States