Our Services



Client-centered therapeutic sessions are catered to identified barriers, specific goals, and desired outcomes based on learning style, strengths, and commitment. 

Sessions can be individual or with family members. 

Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluations


 Using a combination of battery tests, interviews, and collateral documentation, you will receive a thorough, specialized and clear report with a full assessment of strengths, deficits, and recommendations for future planning. 

Life Skills Training


 This includes training and support around activities of daily living such as schedule planning, budget keeping, appointment tracking, community navigating, hygiene, employment support, social skills training, psycho-education, self-advocacy and more. 

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)


PCIT is an evidence-based treatment for young children who have experienced trauma, behavior problems, or have lived in home with high conflict. Sessions are provided with coaching from a therapist in an outside room so you get in-the-moment support with using your growing skills to support your child.

Therapeutic Visitation and Supervised Visitation


 An intensive and goal-oriented supervision of parent(s) and child(ren) interactions to ensure emotion regulation, safety, depth of understanding in parenting practices and meeting goals in alignment with requirements of family plans, social services, the court, legal teams, or any other involved professionals. 

Visits can occur in the community, in the office, at a social service department, or in the home.


Substance Treatment


Ranging from individual sessions to groups, our Substance and Addiction experts can provide creative and sustainable approaches to developing and maintaining sobriety success. 

Parent Child Interactional Assessments (PCI)


A specific recorded assessment conducted by a therapist involving parent(s) and their children during an interview and play session to assess family dynamics, risk, attachment, and recommendations for future treatment together as a family and as individuals.

College Student Support


 College can be a challenging time for many of us. Our college support services cater to your specific needs and a plan for services to address barriers and identify goals will be designed and implemented together. 

Job Coaching


At times we may need support in the employment environment and Lifelong can provide you the adaptive skill training while building relationships with employers to help support you in maintaining employment at standards you can be proud of! 

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ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)


 Functional and Adaptive Behavior Assessment services for children, adolescents, and/or adults experiencing symptoms of Developmental trauma, Intellectual or Developmental Disability, Autism, ADHD, or other behavioral challenges.  

Specialized Mentoring


Specialized Mentorship is a unique relationship between a youth and a trained adult where sessions are spent identifying building blocks to a healthy community, offering service to those of need in the community, and developing relationships with community. Time together may be spent at places such as a food bank, the office of a CEO, a library, an animal shelter, or the Capitol Building. The options are endless!

Foster Care Forums


Forum Meetings are designed so youth in foster care come together in a group format to discuss therapeutically relevant topics. Cohesion, likeness, empathy, and problem-solving are gains acquired in this group setting. Topics may include: conflict, advocacy, focused listening, action-planning, and coping with change. 

Adventure Based Therapy


Adventure-Based Therapy is an experiential approach to therapy that uses activities and the environment to simulate real and/or perceived risk, pressure, or time constraint to accomplish a task. These pressures are used as a clinically significant stimulus to bring about desired change. 

Play and Art Therapy


Play and art based techniques are used to help children cope, process, and find closure with unsettling emotions and traumatic experiences. The approach is used for children experiencing problems that may include: social, emotional, behavioral, and learning. 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy


EAP uses the relationship between the client and horse to assess clients’ self-awareness, problem-solving, relationship-building, and how clients interact in the world with those around them. The “instant feedback” offered from the horse keeps clients in the moment and concrete solutions with quick results show progress, strength, attachment, and hope for clients leading to behavior and mental health change.

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Parent Coaching


Parenting doesn't come with a manual. 

At Lifelong, we can provide you parent coaching support to best meet the specific needs of your children and your family.

Budget Planning and Money Management


Use Lifelong's experienced professionals help you design, commit to, and follow-through with a budget that will help you achieve your goals.

Resume Building and Interview Training


Individual or group classes to help build your resume and prepare for interviews in a way that develops your confidence and ability to get employed quickly.

Healthy Relationships


Relationship rules are a spring board to clear communication, but often go overlooked. Lifelong therapists can help develop and support communication between partners to build a relationship that keeps growing.

Case Management Support


Feeling overwhelmed with paperwork, keeping track of bills, deadlines, or other important items? Not understanding what is being asked of you? Our specialists can help you prioritize and create a plan of action when information becomes too much to handle. We've all been there. A little help - helps!

Individual, Group, or Agency Trainings


Specialized trainings that can be catered to my learning or professional needs? Yes please!

One or more of our expert professionals will come to you (or you can come to us) and provide individual, group, or agency trainings catered to the information you need and desire to take your education, understanding and direct practice to the next level.